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The poem about Zion – Monday, October 23rd.

Let’s make sure that this doesn’t happen in our classrooms!


Students with secrets

OK, now I am angry… I wanted to post suggestions and questions about what we do when students come out to us. I did what I always do – started a web search through several search engines. The religious sect takes the first 5 to 10 hits, then it turns into gay teachers, then inapproriate actions between teachers and students and finally ends on sexual preditors. Nice huh? Well, let’s get it together folks. We have to be there for our students.

So the question of the day is… what do you do when a student comes out to you? Take this opportunity to advise, give examples, or just ask more questions. Let’s get together and let these kids know that we care.  We’re all in this together.

Happy National Coming Out Day

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Stonewall Democrats

Thursday October 5, 2006 (7:00-8:30pm)
Topic: Politics
Where: The Pride Center

On Thursday GALE welcomed two guest speakers, from Stonewall Democrats of WNY. Stonewall is a grassroots force for social change within the LGBT community and within the democratic party. They focus on creating change in three ways: educating the LGBT community about the differences between the political parties; mobilizing the LGBT community to get out to vote on Election Day for fair-minded Democrats; and standing up when Republicans attack our families and our civil rights while we lead the Democratic party to continue improving its record on issues important to our community.

A handout was distributed listing elected officials and rating individuals on his/her support of marriage equality for same-sex couples. Their poll indicates that 14 of the 62 NYS Senators are supportive, and 32 of the 150 on the Assembly were also supportive. We can’t settle for this. We are ‘the people’ that our constitution was written for. We need to participate, to get involved and to invest in our country.

A great question was raised at the meeting. Do you vote for a candidate because they outwardly support LGBT lifesytles, even though you know they will lose or do you vote for a winning candidate who sits on the fence?  What are your feelings on the issue?